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Security Solutions


Security Solutions:

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URUK Company is offering designe, supply, installation and Services of a wide range of Security Products and Turn-Key Systems of CCTV, Intrusion Detection, Terrestrial & Satellite MATV/CATV Systems, Time attendance and Gate Operator, Road Blocker & Entry Barrier Systems

CCTV Surveillance Systems

Home, assets and City Surveillance CCTV Solution that URUK can handle with Experience of Wireless CCTV Systems.Indoor, outdoor, Thermal and Long range Cameras to keep customer Monitoring the organization.

Intrusion & Access Control Systems

Maintaining an access control system when there are a large number of access points to control can be used to define access permissions, and to monitor the use of these permissions in real time.

Metal Detectors and X-Ray Machines

Human, Mail and Bag Scanning Solutions for Airport, Ports and Security Check Points