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Fire Fighting


Fire Fighting:

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We provide a complete fire and safety solutions for Customers. the products and services allow us to create designed solutions to protect their Assets, Lifes, equipment and Buldings from Fire.

Fire Detection and Alarm Systems

Inddor and Out Door Smoke, Flame,† Fixed gas Combustible andToxic gas detector for Commercial and Industrial Applications

Fire Fighting and Suppression Equipment

1. FOAM: Fomtec Company has a wide range of foam equipment for firefighting professionals of municipal fire brigades, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, chemical Industries, oil & gas, marine and aviation.Fomtec supply a varied selection of water and foam equipment such as foam chambers, foam makers, proportioning skids, bladdertanks, fast response firefighting trailers as well as water and foam hydrants, pressure regulating valves, post indicator valve assem-blies (PIVA), proportions, monitors, hoses, cabinets, etc. These products have proven reliability and have been tested under the most extreme conditions.
2. FM200: A Clean Agent Solution for Fighting to protect Data Centers, PBX Systems, Control and PLC Rooms, Documents Archiveing and Turbines.

SAVAL Floating Roof Tanks Fire Protection Solutions

Our Rim Seal Fire Protection System is used for the largest type of tank; storage tanks with a floating roof. This is an automatic detection and extinguishing system that will automatically extinguish fires at the tankís roof edge.