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About Us

About Us

About Us

Uruk for Computer Services and Office Equipment has been a dedicated leader in IT and Telecom Solutions for almost 20 years. Uruk is one of the leading Trading / Engineering firms in Iraq, having built a remarkable reputation as a knowledgeable supplier of hardware, software, security applications and Fire Fighting Solutions among others.

Our Objective

Uruk is dedicated to continue our excellent buyer/supplier relationships in providing efficient solutions at fair market prices. Customer satisfaction is our goal at all times and our knowledge and experience in the IT, Telecommunication and Fire Fighting fields make that possible with each transaction.

We continually re-engineer, reevaluate, and reinvent our product solutions and our business model to ensure we are meeting the ever-changing landscape of Technical support. We want to continually grow our network of respected suppliers and clients so that our fingerprints reach a global scale.

In addition, we will constantly provide the honesty, quality, and commitment to excellent service that our customers have come to expect.

Please check back often as our website and online presence continues to grow. Thank you for visiting.

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